Tuesday, November 07, 2006

MS150 ... a.k.a. MS172

October 28th and 29th were beautiful days for a long bike ride. Even better to support the Multiple Scerosis Society and their MS150 ... a 150 mile bike ride from Lake Pleasant to Parker on the border of Arizona and California. Actually, there is an opportunity to finish in Parker after traveling 150 miles ... OR add on another 22 miles and travel into California follow the Colorado River north for a ways then cross over the Parker Dam. After traveling that far it's just too tempting to make the full distance ... but that last 22 miles is Bumpy & Hilly!

I went with a friend from work, his wife and several of their friends. Being the older member of the group I thought they would defer to my seniority and we could travel at a leasurely pace. Little did I realize they would push me faster ... for a longer period of time than I had ever ridden! Out of a total of approximately 14 legs (10-15 miles each) over the two days we traveled quite fast for each of the legs while resting at each of the break areas. More than half of the legs saw us traveling in excess of 22 mph and a few averaging 24 miles per hour peaking in the high 20s for flat roads with no wind. Even the hill climbing legs saw us traveling at a brisk pace.

So ... great time and I look forward to doing it again next time. Who's interested in signing up?

some photos of Alan & Jen, Julian, Lars & Jen and Dave?

First Day: http://www.photoreflect.com/scripts/prsm.dll?eventorder?photo=055Q005F020077&start=0&album=0&adjust=-1


Dave: http://www.photoreflect.com/scripts/prsm.dll?eventorder?photo=055Q005F020082&start=0&album=0&adjust=-1

Alan: http://www.photoreflect.com/scripts/prsm.dll?eventorder?photo=055Q005F020081&start=0&album=0&adjust=-1

Jen: http://www.photoreflect.com/scripts/prsm.dll?eventorder?photo=055Q005F0A0081&start=0&album=0&adjust=-1

Lars & Jen: http://www.photoreflect.com/scripts/prsm.dll?eventorder?photo=055Q005F0A0091&start=0&album=0&adjust=-1

Second Day: http://www.photoreflect.com/scripts/prsm.dll?eventorder?photo=055Q005F0A0080&start=0&album=0&adjust=-1

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