Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bike Ride to the Towers

Today was not supposed to be a ride to the "Towers" ... a well known turn around point for cyclists at the entrance to Bartlett Lake reservoir. I was intending on waking up early and driving down to South Mountain where today is "Silent Sunday" a no motor vehicles day that lets cyclists and hikers take over the park without the fear of getting run over by someone too intent on getting through the park fast than watching out for others. Ouch ... That sounded cycnical ... but you should see some of those drivers ... scary.

Anyway, Chester went in my room last night and peed on my rug and my comforter at about 3AM. I'm not sure why ... sometimes I think He does not like me and took advantage of me at a weak moment. So here it is 3AM and all of a sudden the room went from smelling nice to smelling not so nice and I had to overcome the urge to not through my dog out the window ... because I don't need an animal abuse charge. So I left Chester to sleep and cleaned up the mess and decided to sleep in. But, instead of driving to the south end of Phoenix I woke up at a reasonable hour and rode my bike north to the Towers. It's about a 39 mile ride round trip ... much faster on the way back because from my house the ride to the Towers seems all up hill.

I've attached a few photos showing view from the turn around point. 12 more miles to get down to Bartlett Lake from that point ... that extra 24 miles of hills turns an enjoyable 39 mile jaunt into 63 mile ride of agony. But the views are spectacular! In the photos you will see "4-Peaks" near Roosevelt dam, Weavers Needle behind the Superstition Mountains, and "Tom Thumb" a granite precipice atop McDowell Mountains. I've even included a picture of the Carefree Town Sundial. All for now.