Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Three Week House Refresh: April 19th - May 6th, 2011

It took 12 years but Fran and I finally took the plunge of replacing a few nooks put in place by the developer of our house back in 1999. I could start to see the handwriting on the wall as appliances started failing this past year ... but the kicker to get moving was the seemingly innocuous replacement of our 1999 model TV with a big screen TV in February. The new TV would not fit in the nooks so we had to buy a stand for the TV to sit on at the far end if the family room but now the nooks that had looked so quaint 10 years ago did not look so quaint anymore.

So we got a bid to replace the nooks and the artist rendering looked pretty nice so we went ahead with it and while we were at it the design grew to include granite ( a special sale of course :-) countertops, new appliances and an expansion of our pantry to go under our stairs.

All in all the folks at the remodeling company did a great job. The workers from all the various trades were courteous and conscientious and while the job ended up taking a little longer and definitely more expensive than we planned going in the work turned out great and we are quite pleased with the result.