Sunday, June 13, 2010

Royal Palms Hotel, Baseball & Fran's Birthday

Did you ever think that maybe buying a pair of tickets to see the Diamondback's versus St Louis Cardinals for your wife's birthday would be a good thing? I don't know what got into me ... I split seasons tickets with a few other guys and when I selected June 13th as one of the game dates I figured that she would would be good with it. Turns out ... not so much.

Fortunately, a group that I volunteer my time with had a board meeting on the Friday and Saturday prior to her birthday Sunday the 13th. AND the organization was contacted by the Royal Palms Hotel who gave a great group rate if we would hold our annual meeting at the hotel AND the hotel offered any of the board members the same rate if they decided to spend a second night. I went from being considered a little less than romantic ... to a hero in a little less than a couple days when I asked Fran to join me at the hotel and that we would spend her birthday at the hotel and eat dinner at the 4 star restaurant T Cooks on Saturday night.

It worked out so great. We were able to spend Saturday relaxing, reading and had a great dinner at T Cooks. Sunday morning we lounged by the pool and had a very nice buffet breakfast at poolside before heading out to the ball game.

P.S Diamondbacks won with a walk-off home run with two outs in the 9th inning.