Friday, November 10, 2006

London - Covent Garden - Friday November 10, 2006

Fran and I travelled from Phoenix through Chicago on Thursday evening and landed in London late morning on Friday the 10th. after checking in at the Sheraton we made our way downtown via the public bus back to the airport and then down to Covent Garden via the "Tube". There are many many places we could have chosen but since we were very limited by time we had to select one spot and since Covent Garden is so poular with restaurants and theater it seemed like a good bet. We walked around for a little bit but it was quite cold and windy ... curiously the locals looked at us like we did not recognize balmy weather :-) We went into a renovated buliding filled with shops and came across a very delightful little restaurant called "Punch and Judy" where we had dinner.

I say delightful because I really enjoyed the place and the food. Perhaps because it was so new and different for me because when I looked up the restaurant on a local London restaurant review ... it did not fair so well:

I made sure to write a nice review just to list them up a little :-)

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