Saturday, November 18, 2006

Espana - Alicante Dinner at Trada Family Home - November 18, 2006

What a nice way to end our vacation and 25th wedding anniversary trip in Spain by going to the home of the family hosting Julie for the semester. They have a beautiful home with a view of the Mediterranean out their back window.

Ana, Luis, Ana (12) and Bea (9) have been Julie's family away from home these last couple months and they have taken good care of her. Julie is not easy to take good care of in that she tends to be pretty independant but Fran I could tell instantly that this is such a good home away from home for her. Julie has not had a younger sibling so having two younger sisters had to be fun for her.
Dinner starts late in Spain so we arrived at 9PM and met with the family and then Ana's brother and his wife joined us. Fran and I bought the family some things for them to remember Arizona; a booklet showing typical Arizona scenes and two ceramic pieces. One of the pieces showed a mother owl sitting on a barrel cactus with her young babaies in a hole of the cactus and the other piece showed a mother coyote and her pups resting on a rock.

We had a delightful dinner of soup, roast beef, salmon, and pastry for desert. It worked out very well from a language perspective as Ana, Ana's brother and his wife each spoke English to some degree with Ana's brother being quite fluid in his speaking.

We were very proud of Julie and her ability to speak Spanish so effortlessly while we were in alicante with her as well as during the social time during dinner. Such an awesome thing for her to travel to Spain to live with aother family and to learn about another language and culture. And we are equally impressed with the host family and their willingness to open up their home to host a foreign student.

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