Sunday, November 19, 2006

Espana - Altea - Sunday November 19th

On our final day in Spain we drove to the beaches of Alicante. They are sooo beautiful! We did not spend much time there but it was good to take a few pictures to remember what they look like if we return sometime. The night before I ended up running several miles along the shoreline of this beach.

After sighing over the beach we drove north from Alicante in our little Mercedes to a small coastal city called Altea (all-te-ya). It was about an hour drive to reach this picturesque location and it was so worth it! We walked for quite a ways on the board woalk before eating a light lunch at one of the many retaurants lining the beach. OK ... it was not really a full lunch as the prices shocked us at first and we ordered our standard cafe con leche and a small platter of cheese.

One area that really intrigued me is shown in both pictures but is enlarged in the right hand picture is the small city next to the large rock jutting into the ocean. I'm not sure what that small city is called but the map shows a town called "Calpe" in that direction. I would love to drive to the top of that rock!

After leaving Altea we returned to Alicante and dropped Julie off at her hosts home and then drove to the airport for our flight to London via Barcelona.

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