Monday, October 23, 2006

Matt and a 23 year old picture

I was just going through some photos and came across one that I love. Both our kids have great pictures and memories of when they were younger but this one is in our front hallway and I can't but get a chuckle out of it every time I walk by.

23 years ago this month Matt was nine months old. What a fun kid he has been since the day he was born!

This picture captures Matt's personality to a T. Persisent: he walked from his mom's side around the whole room holding onto furniture to get to his Uncle Mark taking the picture. Inquisitive: he loved to find out what was going on every where. Fun Loving: he always loved to have fun and would curl into a little ball when tickled.

Now he is a big guy, 6 foot four, and living on the East Coast making a living and going to school. We are so proud of him.

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Steve Pohle said...

ok ok
6:12 will blog
this is 6:12's first blog entry.
What a great place to start!
I love this picture of Matt!!
Thanks for sharing it!!!
Funny, but I have a very similar picture of my oldest daughter, Jean, in my office.
Same deal - cute kid with just a huge smile on her face.
Makes me happy each time I see it.
Glad to start out this blogging with such a great topic - POSITIVE, FUN, BODACIOUS