Monday, October 16, 2006

Julie is back in Spain

Julie was home for the week and just returned to her school in Spain. She is making what was a daunting trip on the first time in August seem routine. Fran and I brought her to the airport last night, she gave us an email update from London this morning, and then a safe arrival note when she arrived at her hosts home.

When she first told us she wanted to come home for a few days after six weeks of taking classes I was worried she would not want to go back. But she was really feeling bad, really homesick, missing her family and her boyfriend Tim. It was really great to see her though, she is so open to discussion, so interested in exploring thoughts and feelings. If that's what six weeks abroad will do I am all for it!

She is now recharged and knows that we love her so much and fully support her no matter what she chooses. OK, I'll be upset if she came home before the end of the semester, but really this is about experiences and decisions. And these are her experiences and her decisions. Like any of our decisions she will be proud of what she has done or if not she will use the decisions she makes as a learning experience.

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