Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Night at Streets of New York

Another Friday night in Phoenix. Fran and I went to Streets of New York for dinner. There are so many restaurants to choose from around here ... sometimes it just seems hard to decide. We ended up going to SNY not because the service is good, but the food is inexpensive, there is no wait, and it is a nice relaxing time to be alone. No different tonight, we left the busy restaurants of Desert Ridge behind and spent a nice relaxing time at SNY.

Hey but who did we see ... Steve Pohle! What a nice surprise. Steve was out with his family and saw us sitting there and came over to say hi. Always a pleasure to see "6:12" aka Steve-Bo from my Scottsdale swim club.

Julie is home safe. She arrived this evening from Spain and is home for the week. Tim picked her up and will drive her to Flagstaff tomorrow to see a rugby match he is in with NAU.


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