Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dinner at Trente-Cinq

Our cultural maven Christy brought us together for a wonderful evening of fun, food and conversation on Saturday at "Trente-Cinq" a small restaurant on 7th street. The food was awesome ... even though the much promised Belgian Waffles were no where to be found! Dan & Liz, Fran and I, and Christy and Al had a wonderful meal and lots of fun talking about anything from bicycles, to politics, to kids, to asking ... is life that much different than it was 35 (trente cinq ... hmmm) years ago?

Christy found the place through some reviews in the local papers and after seeing some write ups on line it is easy to see why she suggested we meet there. Liz and Dan had the hallmark muscles dish, Fran, Al and Christy had the lamb, and I had a seafood entree. All awesome dishes!

This is such a fun little group we have here with some shared life experiences related to kids and school, a passion for reaching out to others, and enjoying life!

Trente-Cinq 35 [Map]
2333 N. 7th St.Phoenix, AZ 85006

From the New Times: Jean-Claude Van Damme, a.k.a. “the Muscles from Brussels,” ain’t got nothing on Lionel Geuskens, the Belgian-born proprietor of Trente-Cinq 35.

From Cenpho Mavens: Trente-Cinq (French for "35") is a Belgian bistro located along a section of 7th Street between Thomas and McDowell Roads that is slowly emerging as a hub of restaurants and shops to service the evolving Coronado Historic Neighborhood. The restaurant's owner and chef, Lionel Gueskens, is a Belgian native who used to be a chef at Coup des Tartes. Apparently Chef Gueskens had a goal of opening his own restaurant by age 35, and Trente-Cinq is the result of that goal.