Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Dec 21st Lunar Eclipse Swim

The big lunar eclipse swim workout is coming up on the morning of December 21st!!! Woo Hoo! Should be plenty of fun and certainly something to remember ... like "what were we thinking?" :-)

We are not sure how many will attend the workout but it will be at the ASU competition pool from 12:30AM to 1:40AM ... and all backstroke so we can watch the lunar eclipse. We have plenty of people saying "I'll be there" but this is in the middle of the night and swimmers tend to fall asleep at 9:30PM.


Anonymous said...

I not only PLAN to be there, I WILL be there. King

6:12 said...

now that this has been advertised on DJRRyan Life there will definitely be a huge turnout! I hear that they are traveling from as far away as Nicaragua to attend this event.