Sunday, September 26, 2010

50th Anniversary Celebration

We had a 50th anniversary celebration of our church's founding today. Paradise Valley United Methodist Church has a beautiful campus on the East side of Camelback mountain. 50 years ago it was not much ... just a patch in the desert but today it sits on a few acres off Lincoln Boulevard and is quite picturesque. Our church has such a wonderful mission statement: "Creating Community in a Diverse World by Manifesting God's Love Through Action" ... and today was all about community. Lots of music and food all in a 50's theme. While most of our community building is outside of the church walls today was an opportunity to celebrate within our church community. In this picture Fran is wearing her poodle skirt and just about to set off dancing with her friend Karen to 50's music. Jim and I wisely moved to the side as the girls danced something that looked like the Boogie.