Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sept 12 2009: Parent to Parent talk

This past weekend I went to La Jolla to meet up with some old swim friends and compete ... OK ... "old" as in age and "compete" as in participate ... in the "Gatorman" a three mile open water swim. On the plane ride over I sat next to a Vietnamese woman and we started talking about kids and school ... her kids and mine are about the same age. Both my kids have graduated from ASU hers from U of A ... her family story was remarkably similar to some of the students at ASU that the ASUPA has awarded scholarships to that came from immigrant backgrounds. Both her students received scholarships at U of A ... worked hard and are succeeding in the USA because a little help was provided up front. Her story was of decades of incredible perseverance, sacrifice for her children and pride in her adopted country. Her children are on the path to be doctors graduating at the tops of their respective classes. I love stories like this :-)

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