Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dinner Celebration for Fran at Methode Bistro

To celebrate Fran's first week at her new place of employment we went to "Methode Bistro" south of the Scottsdale / Lincoln intersection. What a great place!

I had purchased a $50 dining coupon from for $25 a couple weeks ago and it seemed like a perfect time to use it. Fran had just changed jobs and was so pleased to be hired by what so far looks like a very nice place to work and with good long term prospects. They acquire land and develop it for residential use. They treat her wonderfully and it is only a short trip from our house.

The dinner itself was great. Everything about it ... the bread, wine, appetizer, and main course of Sea Bass for Fran and Prime Rib for me. I would highly recommend this restaurant ... but it is expensive. The Mediterranean Cuisine for two is easily $100 sharing an appetizer and each having a glass of wine ... but the food is so good and the atmosphere casual but I thought elegant.

Here is a link to directions:

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